Centers of Excellence

Application Modernization Center of Excellence


The demand for federal and commercial clients to modernize their applications and boost worker productivity during budget-constrained times is on the rise.

To help our clients meet these challenges in a way that fits their budget, we created the Unisys Application Modernization Center of Excellence (AMCOE), which opened its doors November 2010 in historic, downtown St. Louis, Mo.

AMCOE provides a central hub of highly-skilled experts focused on building, operating, and maintaining innovative, leading-edge software applications for Unisys federal government and commercial clients. Our certified developers also work to develop applications for iPhone and iPad environments in accordance with the requirements of the U.S. federal government.

Our facility provides a large, open space for our team’s requirements, and the low cost of living of our Midwest location means the highest value to your organization.

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Reston Applied Innovation Center


Unisys Federal Systems maintains an Applied Innovation Center in Reston, Va., where highly experienced professionals develop, integrate and customize solutions for our clients focused on our four areas of strength:

  • Security
  • Infrastructure Optimization Services for Government
  • My Work ServicesSM for Government
  • Application Services for Government

In addition, Unisys is constantly looking for new products and emerging technologies that can be used to enhance existing solutions or be integrated into new and innovative security applications. The products and technologies showcased in the Emerging Technologies area of the Center of Excellence are provided by our partners to educate us in their new products and enhance our position as recognized thought leaders in this space. The main categories and individual products on display change periodically to keep pace with changing customer requirements and market direction. Currently, we are focused on four primary areas: Advanced Biometrics for positive identification and access control; Video Surveillance with sophisticated video analytics capability; Voice Verification technology for multiple applications in the banking and finance and other remote authentication applications; and Command and Control for collecting, analyzing, managing information and directing actions to minimize the impact of security events.

Unisys North America Google Center of Excellence


Responding to today’s technology opportunities; architecting for tomorrow’s environments; and deploying intricate solutions into a unified infrastructure to meet government directives are daunting challenges. Therefore, having the right team with significant experience in integrating Google Apps into complex environments is critical to achieving the lowest risk, highest value enterprise transformation to the cloud.

The Unisys North America (NA) Google Center of Excellence (COE) is an experienced and dedicated group within Unisys charged with the delivery of enterprise-wide Google transformations. Our team comprises highly-qualified, certified engineers and project management professionals (PMP).

We bring deep knowledge and experience in quickly identifying risks and solving real-world integration complexities. Our team of experts delivers a highly-integrated series of technical, business and operational tasks along with an extensive library of program artifacts, lessons learned and managed risks.

Our services include: Enterprise Infrastructure Integration Services, User Transition and Data Migration Services, Mobile Device Support Services, Project Management and Integrated Project Teams, Organizational Change Management and Strategic Communications, Enterprise Application Integration Services, and Enterprise Email Operations and Support Services.

We have in-depth experience and proven capability in building and managing some of the most successful collaboration environments in the world including:

  • General Services Administration Enterprise Email and Collaboration Services in a Community Cloud
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency Unified Messaging Services
  • Department of Energy Idaho National Laboratory
  • National Archives and Records Administration

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ClearPath Application Modernization Center of Excellence

Unisys created the ClearPath Application Modernization Center of Excellence (CAMCOE) to help our clients with ongoing efforts to modernize their application environment on ClearPath technology. The center includes Unisys experts that have deep experience working with our customers on application modernization initiatives and that bring an in-depth knowledge of the tools and technologies available for development on the ClearPath system.

Through CAMCOE, Unisys helps our clients:

  • Introduce innovative solutions to augment their business and IT needs
  • Create rapid prototypes and develop new products and applications
  • Conduct knowledge sharing sessions to provide insights and fuel innovation ideas
  • Deliver enterprise application integration
  • Implement cutting edge technologies for development of applications on ClearPath including mobile and service enabling technologies

The center creates prototypes using new products released by Unisys Engineering to rapidly and effectively demonstrate the use modernization tools for day to day development. This helps clients not only stay abreast of the availability of such tools, but also keeps them informed on how best to use them.

For more information, about the services provided by CAMCOE, please contact your onsite Unisys representative or email us at